Bruno Germano
Owner, Founder, Sound Engineer, Producer, Musician.

Since the year 2000 Bruno has been committed to analog recording, doing studio work and live FOH engineering for many international and italian artists such as:

IOSONOUNCANE, Giardini di MirĂ², Julie's Haircut, Il Sogno del Marinaio (feat. Mike Watt, Stefano Pilia and Andrea Belfi), David Grubbs, Zu, Ko-Ma-Ra (feat Pat Mastellotto of King Crimson), Massimo Volume, Cut, Fuzz Orchestra, Zeus! and many more!

As a musician (guitar, keyboards, bass) he toured Europe, the UK and the US with Settlefish, Blake/E/E/E and Red Animal War. He now plays guitar in Gli Anni Luce, ARTO and, on keyboards and electronics, he's been touring with IOSONOUNCANE on his 2021 tour, supporting the record IRA, which he recorded, mixed and produced


Enrico Baraldi
Freelance Sound Engineer, Producer, Musician.

Enrico has been using Vacuum as his main tracking studio since 2014.

As a musician, he plays bass and baritone guitar in Ornaments and COLLARS


Antonio Masiero
Studio Maintenance and Customization
Thanks to Antonio, each piece of analog gear at Vacuum is constantly maintained and calibrated.